MDA By-Laws:  Article III ‑ Finances and Expenses

a. Members of the Local Union engaged in performing services for the benefit of the Union at the Union’s request or within the scope of his/her authority shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred upon submittal of an itemized voucher from the member or the supplier of such services; members’ lost time is compensated for earnings lost to complete a forty (40) hour pay week; allowances shall not exceed those prevailing for Local’s Union Officers per Article III, Section 1.b. and Section 1.i. 

b. Automobile allowance shall be paid to all representatives of the local union engaged in activities of the Union except in the case of General Membership or Executive Board meetings at a mileage distance rate of the most direct route from point of origin to point of destination as determined by either Rand McNally Road Atlas or an approved computer source as determined by the Local Union Executive Board.

The Local Union approved mileage reimbursement rate will automatically track the (United States – Internal Revenue Service) IRS approved allowable mileage reimbursement rate.

i. Members performing Union Business at the union’s request will be eligible to receive the Company 401K match they would receive had they been at work upon submittal of a lost time voucher and proof of their contribution rate from the most recent paycheck.


Instructions on how to fill out a voucher when the union takes you off the clock for union events:
PDF icon voucher_instructions.pdf

Instructions on how to fill out a voucher when the union takes you off the clock for conference travel:
PDF icon union_travel_payroll_instructions.pdf

Blank voucher to be filled out:
Office spreadsheet icon union_expence_voucher.xls

Breakdown of a voucher:
PDF icon voucher_how_to_example.pdf

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