Election Committee

Officer: Robert Faraci
Chairman: Liz Strader
Members: Joe Alu, Debbie Basnight, Nicole Wilcox and TBD

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The Election Committee is made up of five people that are nominated and elected
and serve a term of three years.   Within that Committee, the chairperson is elected.  
The Election Committee’s responsibilities include conducting and supervising the
nominations, and the election and appeals process of all of the local selections. 

The Election Committee is also responsible for establishing the geographic areas for
Councillors and Grievance Rep’s.  These locations are re-evaluated each year and
changed as necessary.

The Election Committee has many procedures set forth by the Constitution and the
"By-Laws. Understanding these procedures, planning and organization is a must.  The Executive Board elections require a lot of help and some people need to be appointed in
order to assist in the election.  For all of the members that have helped in the past, we thank you very much.  


There are many opportunities for individuals to support in voting areas as assistants (please contact us to be in the on-call list), and we would like to encourage everyone to participate by voting whenever you have the opportunity.

PDF icon 06-29-2021 Tower C Election Result
PDF icon 06-29-2021 Eagle Park Election Result
05-27-21 Financial Secretary Runoff Results 
05-21-21 Officer Election Results 
05-21-2021 Officers & Members at Large Election Results 
05-04-2021 Officers & Members at Large Elections 
05-25-2018 Triennial Election 
05-02-2018 Triennial Nominations 
04-02-2018 DXC/CSC Contract Radification 
03-27-2018 Constitutional Convention 
03-06-2108 Constitutional Convention Nominees 
02-21-2018 Constitutional Convention Notice

PDF icon 01-12-18 Notice Area 8

PDF icon 01-12-18 Notice Area 8

PDF icon 07-09-19 Tower B

PDF icon 04-02-18  Tower C

07-19-19 Kings Hwy

PDF icon 04-19-18 Kings Hwy