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Hello all, just want to let everyone know, our next E-Council meeting will be held on Monday, July 12th at the Mystic Marriott, 625 N Rd (RT 117), Groton.  The meeting will start at 4:30pm for the E-Council and 3:30pm for the E-Board.

The change in location is due to, the GMI has no food or drinks available and we would have to bring it all in. They also have no staff or speaker system working.  

The Mystic Marriott is fully open and looking to serve us. The meeting will be followed by a dinner buffet provided by the Mystic Marriott.

 Look forward to seeing you all there,

 In Solidarity, Bill

The Soundings Newsletter has been put on hold due to lack of interest.  Do you still want to see a newsletter?  
Contact Kristen Kvist-Morrow or Carol A. Mauro for the more details


A culture of belonging and caring for each other starts with each one of us.

Juneteenth is an annual celebration on June 19 marking the end of slavery in the United States.

By Rory L. Gamble CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS BELONG TO US ALL Look around your world these days. People are celebrating the diversity of who they are; what makes us all unique, wonderful people. For UAW members in the workplace and at home we live in a time when prejudices are no longer being tolerated, whether it is racial, ethnic, or sexual identity. We find ourselves living in a time where equality in the workplace and in our communities is valued more than it ever has.

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Take five minutes to make a difference today - email your US Senator today and ask them to support the HEROES Act (Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions)!

The HEROES Act would retain critical provisions, such as:
  • Creating a strong, enforceable temporary OSHA standard to working people in all sectors of our economy. The Senate must ensure that workers feel safe at work; it will slow the spread of the virus, and support a sustained, safe re-start of the economy.

Click here to read President Gamble's Letter in Support of the HEROES Act.

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