PDF icon 2020 Meeting Schedule

Members of the Executive Council,

The April 6, 2020 Executive Board Meeting & Executive Council Meeting are canceled. In an effort to keep the membership informed there will be minutes that will be posted on the website and the MDA Facebook page. Grievance Reps and councilors will be getting a copy sent electronically so send out to the members in their area and post on bulletin boards.

This is a very difficult time for all of us, Our Local is doing everything we can to be proactive and protect all of our workers and their families in this crisis.

 Any questions please contact the hall.

 Thank You,

Robert J Faraci
MDA-UAW Local 571 Treasurer 
E-Mail: [email protected] 
Office PH: 860-448-0552 



01-06-20 E-Council
PDF icon02-10-20 E-CouncilPDF icon03-02-20 General Membership

12-02-19 General Membership
11-04-19 E-Council
10-07-19 E-Council 

09-09-19 General Membership
08-05-19 E-Council 
07-01-19 E-Council
06-03-19 General Membership
05-06-19 E-Council
04-04-19 E-Council
03-04-19 General Membership
02-04-19 E-Council
01-07-19 E-Council

12-03-18 General Membership
11-05-18 E-Council
10-01-18 E-Council
09-10-18 General Membership
08-06-18 E-Council
07-02-18 E-Council
06-04-18 General Membership
05-01-18 General Membership
04-02-18 E-Council
03-05-18 General Membership
02-12-18 E-Council
01-08-18 E-Council

12-04-17 General Membership
11-06-17 Special Membership
10-04-17 E-Council
09-11-17 General Membership
08-07-17 E-Council
07-11-17 E-Council
06-06-17 General Membership
05-01-17 E-Council
04-03-17 E-Council
03-06-17 General Membership
02-13-17 E-Council
01-09-17 E-Council