Soundings Magazine

NEW FOR 2022!  We will be featuring monthly Soundings Magazines!

The MDA-UAW Local 571 Soundings Magazine is a produced through the LUCA Committee (Local Union Communications Committee) and fall under Region 9A.  We have won several awards for Journalistic Excellence, Print Layout, Best Front Page, Best Workplace Coverage, Best Local Union or Regional News Story and Communications Excellence.  See About Us > Committees > Luca Committee for more information.

The Magazine is issued monthly to our members electronically and is available on the website for our retirees.  

We are always interested in contributors.  We can always us your photo's if you attended one of our events, or write an aritcle and/or by doing interviews.  Please contact the editor for more information.

SPRING (Jan-Apr)
SUMMER (May-Aug)
WINTER (Sep-dec)
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