Groton Sail Foundation

USS Groton Sail Foundation   ====> Watch a You Tube video

In 2016 the Groton Sail foundation became a 501C3 tax exempt non-profit organization.

Its purpose is to erect a public monument to honor men and women responsible for the design by (MDA Members), Construction (MTC Members) and operation of US Navy Submarines. We most likely have members in the MDA who served aboard the Groton. I know we have many members who worked on the design.

The Groton (SSN 694) was commissioned on July 8, 1978 and first deployed March 1980 to the Indian Ocean. She completed an around the world cruise in 1980. She was decommissioned and stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on November 7, 1997.

The committee has made great progress in the planning of this undertaking and the board of directors is chaired by Captain Bill Vogel, the first commanding officer of the USS Groton.

We have a potential site down by the USS Flasher WWII memorial on Thames Street. These two memorials would greatly complement each other. A conceptual design has been completed.

EB is on board with doing much of the work in preparing the Sail as well as transporting it to the site.

We are now moving into our fundraising stage and are asking for help from the unions at EB to help in this effort. Anyone who would like to volunteer to support this support this effort please contact Wayne Burgess after the meeting or call the MDA-UAW Local 571  office at 860-448-0552 and leave your contact information.

Thank you for listening and please consider lending a hand to this effort.