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The 2020 Winners for the LUCA Contest (Local Union Communications Committee) won 3 categories for the prior year of 2019.  Congratulations Local 571!

First Place
Kristen Kvist-Morrow
"Friends Don't Let Friends Cross Picket Lines"

Judges Comments 
This page wins first place for the clarity and resolution of the cover. The red and blue color scheme runs throughout the cover. The choice of pictures were great and the slogan button in the middle signifying unity brings it all together.

Third Place
Kristin Kvist-Morrow

Judges Comments 
Veterans are an important group that we must continue to take care of. They are plagued with many issues from mental health to job security. The story on Stand Downs was a great way to inform members and the community of the resources provided for veterans and alleviates the shame of needing help.

Third Place 
Carol Mauro 
Judges Comments 
Very clean design and layout of information. Everything is easy to find and the menu isn't cluttered. Home page makes good use of the content area above articles for announcements. Overall great and easy to use site, especially for members!

The Soundings Newsletter has been put on hold due to lack of interest.  Do you still want to see a newsletter?  Contact Kristen Kvist-Morrow or Amy Stephenson for the more details


Brothers and Sisters, On Monday, we celebrate the great sacrifices and life-changing contributions of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His vision was one of inclusion, of nonviolence, of respecting the rights of each and every one of us and championing the fact that we are all Americans.
In this issue: Welcome Home PFC Ellis Solidarity Around the Globe ZF Joins the UAW And more!
My Sisters and Brothers, I want to begin this first message of 2022 with a deep sentiment of gratitude for our union and for all the hard work, dedication, and fortitude our UAW family showed this past year. We had many challenges to face together, and I watched this membership rise to each one of them and support one another, as we always do.

On November 11, people across the country will take a moment to honor our military veterans, who have sacrificed the

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The tax credit of an additional $4,500 for union-made electric vehicles made in the U.S. is a win for UAW members, unorganized autoworkers, and the entire labor movement. The provision:

  • Supports the high standards in wages, benefits, and safety that UAW members have bargained for in the auto industry
  • Incentivizes nonunion companies to stop spending millions on union busters and to allow their workers to form their unions freely
  • Encourages U.S. auto manufacturers to bring back jobs they offshored

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Sisters and Brothers,

This Veterans Day across our great nation, we honor the proud individuals who served our country. We remember the men and women, and their families, who have made the ultimate sacrifice during wartime, those who made it through, and those who gave of their time and commitment during peacetime. We will again remember the willingness and sacrifice of America’s veterans who served our country — service that deserves our lasting gratitude.

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