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Updated: Friday October 30, 2020 1:45 PAM

During the December General Membership Meeting, a few things were discussed. The first being attendance by the Union Council. We do understand the many changes recently and at this time feel we have a safe way to continue meeting, virtually, and continuing to receive the information to better represent the membership. Starting January of 2021, the absentee committee will oversee the absences of council going forward and follow all the rules per the UAW Local 571 By-Laws, Article IX, sect. 11. So, it is important to make yourselves available for the meetings and continue to communicate any issues with the absentee committee. Standing Committee Chairs are part of the structure of the council and are required to attend all monthly meetings, however, Standing Committee Chairs are not an elective position and attendance for such chair will be taken but with no adverse consequence. A new 12 month running attendance starts on January 11, 2021.

See the ABSENTEE COMMITTEE Page for additional informaton

Tune in Saturday, January 16th at 7pm for America United: An Inauguration Welcome Event Celebrating America's Changemakers.

UAW Region 9A Director Beverley Brakeman applauds the work of UAW Local 2325 and the Queens Defenders employees seeking to form their union, "UAW Local 23

DETROIT - “Today’s selection of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh puts a labor member, long-time administrator and friend of working families in a very important but often underappreciated

Take Action

Take five minutes to make a difference today - email your US Senator today and ask them to support the HEROES Act (Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions)!

The HEROES Act would retain critical provisions, such as:
  • Creating a strong, enforceable temporary OSHA standard to working people in all sectors of our economy. The Senate must ensure that workers feel safe at work; it will slow the spread of the virus, and support a sustained, safe re-start of the economy.

Click here to read President Gamble's Letter in Support of the HEROES Act.

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“UAW members worked hard in Georgia during the runoff election. Today’s election results in Georgia signal that obstructionism in Washington, D.C will end. These results also clearly signal that the American people expect Congress to work with President Elect Joe Biden on behalf of working families in this country regardless of ideology through the narrow majority in both chambers. It’s time to find common ground with the Biden Administration for the sake of UAW members at their worksites, on the factory floor, and in their communities.”

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