Insurance Benefits Committee

Officer: Robert Canova
Chairman: Ed Nevins  
Members: Mark Ciliano (retiree), James Newman and Tony Giordano

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ACCESS:  Visit or login into EB Net Benefits (see below) to access information about your plan, deductibles and what's covered.

The Insurance Committee is responsible for assisting members and their family’s with our group insurance, healthcare benefits (medical, dental, life insurance, disability, retiree’s medical (both early & over 65 members) and pension coverage issues.

The Committee is responsible for keeping the membership informed on administrative changes and/or benefits issues.  We work in a joint committee setting (union & company) dealing with concerns on the rising healthcare costs and correspondence with our membership.  We are here to help and assist with your benefits concerns. 

Remember the Company has a Groton benefits staff located in building 78, 2nd floor for general information, please call Monday thru Friday at 860.433.4201. 

Councillors are located throughout the membership and are available to assist with general questions and handling of insurance forms.