Womans Committee

Officer: Martha Fletcher
Chairmen: Pam Gonski
Members: Paula Gilger, Karen Harvey, Shelby Dubois-Jenness, Valerie Knudsen, Samantha Mitchell, Nicole Reagan, Liz Strader, Rosemary Taft, Jennifer Wessell, Nicole Wilcox, Velma Williams, Anne Wurzbacher and Retirees Patricia Clay and Judi Page.

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The Womans Committee is responsible for developing programs which are of special interest to women in an effort to involve them in a more active participation in the Union.

Keeping the membership up to date and aware about what is going on with Veterans, particularly with relation to laws and regulations, is what the Veteran’s cThe ommittee is all about. We represent the Local at the Region 9A Veterans’ meetings, have participated in fund raisers that aid veterans, such as for the disabled veterans’ housing in Jewett City, and attend observances such as the Stand Down in Avon.

There are certainly opportunities available for organizing and attending similar events in the future for anyone who is interested.