Joint Apprentice Committee

Officer: Dave Evans
Co-Chairmen: Joe Marmaud and Velma Williams  
Members: None

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This committe is composed of equal numbers of salary and union men and woman who work together to assist the student apprentices and help those students with any difficulty they may be facing during their program.

The Electric Boat MDA Apprenticeship Application Period Opening for Cohort 5 (2021) MDA Apprentices! 

Welcome to Electric Boat! In the next week email will be going out informing you of the steps in applying to the program.

I know some of you are from out of State, and for you that are in State, Covid-19 possess some challenge in getting some important documentation for registration.

Please be advised, if you’re not presently a TRCC (Three Rivers Community College) student the requirement for registration is:

(1) To have  your Immunization Record  ( you will not enter the program without it)

(2) Your high school Transcript with a passing of Math137 or better.

You will need to contact your high school for an electronic copy sent to TRCC.

You will need to contact your medical provider for your Immunization Record; as these items can take some time, now is a good time to reach out to acquire them.

NOTE:  Math137 class will start sometime in August into November 2020, for members who need a refresher on your math.

Be advised, it’s recommended not to plan vacations during this time especially if this is your first time taking Math137

CONTACT:  Union Reps: VELMA WILLIAMS 867-4468, JOE MARMAUD 433-4584 or Officer KEN ROWLAND 448-0552