Community Services Committee


Officer:  David M. Reagan
Chairman:  Joe Wessell   Members:  Kim Deschamps and James Newman

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The Community Services Committee shall be responsible for obtaining assistance for members and their families in time of need by working through public and private agencies to ensure that members in emergency situations get the help they need.

This committee shall have the responsibility of administering strike insurance benefits.  In the event the Local Union establishes a Community Services Fund to aid members with undue hardship during a strike situation, the Community Services Community will draw up guidelines on the selection process to be used for distribution of these funds to distressed members.  These guidelines are subject to the approval of the general membership.

The Community Service Committee is here to educate and encourage our members to be involved in bettering our local areas.  We help run the community service drives, day of caring, and food collections among other things.  We are also a point of contact for employees who need some assistance during an emergency.

During the fall we can certainly use help during the presentations handing out information and setting up, and year round would like to encourage our members to find ways to volunteer and give to local community groups.