Worker's Compensation Claims

In the event a Union Member is injured on Company Property, during Company Time, the members pay is covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) under Article 17. For work-related illness or injury that keeps a member out of work for more than a day, a Workers Compensation Claim can be made. The company is responsible to maintain and execute a Workers Compensation insurance in accordance with State and Federal laws.

After the injury, the member needs to inform their Supervisor and be reviewed by Medical. The member has two options, they can file a claim with Medical directly or receive a separate consultation with the member's primary physician (They will be required to provide the member's badge number in the compensation claim paperwork). 

The following information will be required from the employee for a claim:

  • Date of Injury
  • Cause of Injury
  • Location of Injury on person
  • Badge Number

Please contact the union hall for the contact that manages Workers Compensation. Addition information is available on the following State of Maine website.

Injured Employee Resources (