New Hire Information

Welcome to the Bath Marine Draftsmen's Association (BMDA), Local 3999, UAW. For those new members that have additional questions after their orientation, this page is here to help you. Being a member of the BMDA means you benefit from countless hours of research, preparation, negotiation, and maintenance of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The CBA is often referred to as "the contract" and is the guiding document that defines most conditions of employment for BMDA members. As a new member of the BMDA it is highly encouraged that you fully read and understand all of the CBA and reach out to the union hall when you have questions. In addition to the CBA there are Memorandums of Agreement (MOA), Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), & Settlement Agreements, all of which are either supplemental to the CBA or in addition to it.

Members of the BMDA that are new hires will have a probation period which is addressed in the CBA under Article 24. During your probation period the company will be evaluating you and your rights under the CBA are considerably restricted. Below are some portions of the CBA that a new hire should take into consideration:

  • Article 7, Section 1
  • Article 14, Section 9, Paragraph (i)
  • Article 15, Section 1
  • Article 15, Section 2, last sentence
  • Article 16, Section 1, Paragraph (a)
  • Article 18, Section 1, 2nd and 5th Paragraphs
  • Article 26, Section 5, Paragraph 2.2
  • Article 36, Section 4, Paragraph (d)

As a BMDA new hire that is on probation you do not have access to some of the contractual benefits yet but you can get access to Dental and Supplemental Disability Insurances. Please see the pages on this website for additional information about those benefits.

Below are some parts of the CBA that you do have access to during your probation period:

  • Article 14, Section 1, Floating Holidays
  • Article 33, General Dynamics 401(k) Plan (takes 31 days for company to setup)
  • Article 29, Bereavement Pay

We hope that you will be an active member of the BMDA and are we encourage you to look into joining a committee, attend all general membership meetings, and build solidarity with your fellow BMDA members.

The information material provided during the BMDA orientation is attached below.