Off-Site Members

The BMDA has members that work in Norfolk Virginia, Jacksonville Florida, Rota Spain, San Diego California, Everett Washington, Oahu Hawaii, and Yokosuka Japan. There are also temporary assignments to other locations that our members work at. Members at these locations have the same rights as the rest of our membership. We encourage all members at off-site facilities to stay involved with the BMDA and build solidarity amongst your co-workers.

For those members that work permanently or temporarily at off-sire locations, they should read and fully understand the Articles 28 & 37 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Within Article 28 of the CBA, there are four (4) company standard procedures listed. These company standard procedures should be read and understood by any BMDA member that ravels for the company or works outside of Maine. There are also many contractual documents outside the CBA that impact off-site members as shown below:

  • ART028_A_11-14-00 - Settlement Agreement Grievance #99.129.36 - Pertains to Availability of Late Check-out Room for Travel
  • ART028_E_07-27-11 - MOA - Clarification of Portal to Portal Language for Temporary Off-Site Assignments
  • ART028_H_12-04-15 - MOA - Seniority Protocol for Longe-Term Temporary Assignments Outside of the United States
  • ART037_B_12-12-05 - MOA - Short Sleeve Shirts and Coveralls for Off-Site Employees
  • ART037_D_02-24-09 - MOA - Roles and Responsibilities of FFG/DDG/LCS Planning Yard Off-Site Designers
  • ART037_G_02-09-22 - MOA - Unpaid Leaves when FMLA in Unavailable due to 29 CFR 825.110(3)
  • ART037_ J_07-22-13 - MOA - Location Adjustment for Off-Site Locations Based on the Cost of Living Differential
  • ART037_K_10-09-15 - MOA - On-Site Representative (OSR) Performing Home Port Representative (HPR) Functions - Rota, Spain
  • ART037_M_05-18-22 - Permanent Offsite Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs)

All of the above listed documents can be found on the Agreements and Memorandums page on this website.

Due to lack of union oversite, our membership at off-site facilities need to be informed of their rights, and diligent at informing BMDA representatives when those rights are infringed upon. Please reach out to the union hall if there are any questions or concerns.