BMDA Committees

The Women's Committee is responsible for developing programs that are of special interest to women in an effort to involve them in a more active participation in the Union.

The Union Label and Consumer Affairs Committee helps to emphasize the importance of supporting those goods produced in union shops, by union members. The committee also brings to attention of our members those products produced by non-union companies and anti-labor manufacturers.

The Veteran's Committee provides needed information to veterans and their families and tracks legislation that may impact the veteran community.

The Constitution and By-Law Committee is familiar with the UAW Constitution and our Local Union By-laws. The committee is responsible for submitting original and/or amended By-law provisions to the Local Union membership for discussion and approval.

The Civil Rights Committee is responsible for ensuring that the full rights of all members of the Union are not infringed upon by reason of race, color, age, sex or creed.

The Community Services and Education Committee organizes help for members and their families in time of need. The Committee works through public and private agencies to ensure that members in emergency situations get the needed help.

The Conservation and Recreation Committee is responsible for developing meaningful programs that are designed to build solidarity with the Union by getting members better acquainted with each other through social and recreational activates.

The Citizenship and Legislative Committee shall be responsible for informing the membership of the legislative issues and positions of candidates for State or Federal office.