Consumer Affairs Committee


Officer: Amy Stephenson
Chairman: Peter Crizer  
Members: None

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The Consumer Affiars Committee shall strive to keep the membership informed  on truth in lending truth in packaging, truth in advertising, label on products, etc. so that each member can obtain maximum value for monies spent.

This Committee addresses issues from pricing to unfair business practices, heightens your awareness of Consumer Rights among UAW members; which in turn helps to protect us and gives us a voice in the marketplace. It gives people the needed resources to help them solve problems.

Our goal is to help all union members make informed choices. We also support legislation at the community, state, and federal levels. We promote Consumer Representation on appropriate governmental committees, boards, and councils.  We help establish relationships with national, state, and community organizations which have a major commitment to consumer problems, and are working to develop comprehensive programs designed to deal with basic causes of fundamental consumer problems at the national, state, and local levels.   We would like to invite some idea people as well as someone that enjoys writing effectively to join us and all our members to try to stay informed.