UAW Member Advisory Committee on Ethics Is Chosen

DETROIT - UAW President Rory L. Gamble has announced 14 UAW members who were selected by blind draw from each UAW region to serve on the UAW’s newly constituted Member Advisory Committee on Ethics.

The Committee includes rank-and-file members of the UAW along with UAW Ethics Officer Wilma Liebman and UAW Public Review Board Co-chairs Professor Jim Brudney and Professor Janice Bellace.

A member and alternate member were chosen from each of the UAW’s eight regions by blind draw on Friday, February 18. A total of 122 eligible applications were received. UAW Public Review Board Co-chair Professor Jim Brudney was a virtual witness to the blind draw selection by Ethics Officer Wilma Liebman. Liebman has notified already the successful applicants by email. UAW President Gamble is sending acknowledgment letters to the applicants not chosen, thanking them for their interest in participating on the Committee and for their continued service to UAW members by virtue of their participation in Local Union activities and functions.

The Committee will be responsible for:

Reviewing the Union’s existing internal rules and policies on ethical practices and financial matters.

Developing, based on members’ individual experience, any recommendations to the International Executive Board (IEB) for improving existing ethics guidelines, practices, policies, enforcement standards, and education of these standards.

Reviewing the operation and function of the Ethics Ombudsman and Ethics Officer positions instituted by President Gamble and the IEB.

Providing a dialogue between the Ethics Officer and the Committee to enhance understanding, acceptance and operations of the Ethics Program.

“It was an extremely important goal to give members a direct role in the Ethics reforms we have instituted since I took office in November 2019,” said Gamble. “I am pleased that we are able to provide direct member participation in our efforts to create a new ethical culture for the UAW going forward.”

The only requirements for applying for the position were that members be in good standing and had some experience serving UAW membership through participation in Local Union activities or responsibilities. Members selected by blind draw are:

  • Region 1 --     David Murray (Local 400)
    Evelyn Wynn, Alternate (Local 7)
  • Region 1A --   Kelly D. Barnett (Local 6000)
    Demetrius Burton, Alternate (Local 182)
  • Region 1D --   Rick Smith (Local 652)
    Joshua Wesolek, Alternate (Local 668)
  • Region 2B --   Rick Ward (Local 685)
    Larry Cooper, Alternate (Local 211)
  • Region 4 --     Kim Cook Bell (Local 2250)
    Justin Mayhugh, Alternate (Local 31)
  • Region 8 --     Justin Gonzalez (Local 887)
    Kim Evans, Alternate (Local 472)
  • Region 9 --     Peter Griffin (Local 1097)
    Ryder Littlejohn, Alternate  (Local 897)
  • Region 9A --   Angie Scraders-Murphy (Local 2377)
    Pamela Smith, Alternate (Local 2320)