When: Wednesday, Jun 2, 2021, 12:00am - 5:00pm
UAW Local 2121 will be conducting a vacancy election to fill the Local’s Vice President and Trustee positions. The Election Committee will be responsible for planning and conducting all phases of the election, in accordance with the UAW Constitution and Local 2121 Bylaws. New election committee members will finish out the three-year term (to conduct elections for Board vacancies and other positions as needed). You will be expected to attend occasional committee meetings. While serving on the election committee, you will be ineligible to run in the elections you oversee. Email access is strongly encouraged—as committee communications between meetings will be sent through email.
All dealers, assistant floor supervisors and poker associates who are members in good standing of UAW Local 2121 are automatically nominated for the Election Committee. If you are eligible to run, you have been automatically nominated to run, all you need to do is accept your nomination in writing, and deliver it to the Local Union office, by hand or by fax or email to Local Recording Secretary Michael Thomas, by no later than June 2nd 2021 at 5pm.
UAW Local 2121
2 Chapman LN Unit 3
Gales Ferry, CT 06335
Fax: 860-381-5782
Your acceptance must include the following information:
Email address
Primary telephone number (cell phone preferably)
Mailing address
Badge Number
If there are not more than twenty-one (21) candidates, all candidates will be elected automatically.
Otherwise, the election will take place at the regular membership meetings at the Local 2121 offices on June 9th at 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.