Statement from UAW Region 9A Civil & Human Rights Council Co-Chairs Angie Murphy and Kavin Wyatt

Our country is at a crossroads. We must decide what kind of people we want to be; what kind of country we want to live in.

The Chauvin trial and conviction gave George Floyd, the Floyd Family and this country, a measure of justice that we have not seen in our country for many years. The murder of George Floyd posted on social media has served as a wake-up call for all of us.  It reminded us that the struggle for equality is far from over and we must continue to fight for change.

Justice for George Floyd is a step in the right direction, but it is not complete. Our fight must continue. The UAW has a long and rich history of standing with civil rights leaders as they fought for equality and justice for all people. We did this through solidarity, collective action and speaking out when no one else would and standing up when others would not.  

And we must take action again.

UAW Region 9A is committed to having those courageous and sometimes uncomfortable conversations. With a focus on educating and mobilizing our leaders and our members on the reality and cost of systemic racism; How it affects us all and what we can do to end it completely.

As a Union we have been and are uniquely equipped to fight systemic racism at the bargaining table, in our contracts, In the halls of congress and state legislatures, within our own communities, inside our workplaces, and in our local Union halls.

And we will take up this fight for as long as it is necessary.

So many in this country never get to hear the bell of justice ring for themselves or their families because black and brown bodies are still seen as less valuable, less than human.  And there are many, many more that sit and wait for that justice bell to ring for their own sons their daughters, mothers and fathers.  

So we must continue the fight for justice. Because we simply cannot wait for yet another tragedy to come home before we stand up.

 Kavin Wyatt and Angie Murphy

UAW Region 9A Civil and Human Rights Council