BMDA UAW Local 3999 Joint Statement from VP Jewell and Director Kushner

Statement from Vice President Norwood Jewell and UAW Region 9A Director Julie Kushner
BMDA UAW Local 3999

On Sunday, September 17th, you and your co-workers took a vote to strike should further negotiations with Bath Iron Works not result in a contract that protects your ability to balance your work life with the needs of your families.

Strike votes are not taken without a tremendous amount of thought and deliberation. The size of your strike vote reflects a serious commitment to your future and that of your families.

We understand there will be more negotiations with the company. However, whether you ratify a contract or decide to go on strike, the UAW will support you.

Should you go on strike, you will be eligible for a strike benefit of $200 per week, you will receive medical assistance and any appropriate costs associated with the strike will be paid by the fund.
The UAW’s Strike Fund balance currently stands at just over $700,000,000. Our Union is able to provide you and your families with these benefits because over 400,000 UAW members across the country contribute to this Fund -- making it one of the strongest and most formidable tools we have to gain back and protect our rights and conditions at work.

We will be following your negotiations and will do everything within our Union’s capacity to help you through this challenging time.

In Solidarity,

Norwood Jewell,                       Julie Kushner,
UAW Vice President                UAW Region 9A Director