This past Friday, President Trump acted on his racist campaign promises, signing an executive order targeting immigrants and refugees. In particular, he has put our Muslim sisters and brothers in his xenophobic crosshairs. Our members, including graduate workers and postdocs at universities who routinely travel abroad to conduct research or visit family, have been directly affected, as have members of their families. Some, who have been out of the country have had difficulty returning, and others risk separation from their families as travel between the United States and their home countries is restricted under the terms of Trump’s executive order.

The executive order is part of a broader attack on our universities, where the UAW represents more than 60,000 graduate workers, postdocs, adjunct faculty and other staff. Restricting the movement of academic workers contributes to Trump’s broader effort to squash progressive ideas and action emanating in our universities, such as federally-funded research on climate change. Many of the best and brightest researchers in our universities come from the countries affected by his executive order, and his actions aim to close down that free flow of people and ideas that we stand for as a union and a society.

Simply condemning the President and the actions of his administration is not enough. In the true spirit of working together for justice, members of UAW Region 9A are actively engaged at airport rallies, the courts, and elsewhere demanding the freedom of those being detained. Members of UAW Region 9A are also deeply involved in the legal work and organizing to protect those who are the targets of the administration’s war on immigrants and refugees.

Since before our country’s founding, people throughout the world have sought freedom and opportunity in the United States. Millions have taken profound risks and made profound sacrifices for the chance of a better future for themselves and their families. This diversity and immigrant striving has made our country vibrant and strong.

We commit ourselves to opposing this unconstitutional executive order and supporting those who are affected by it. We are better than this. #resist #nobansnowalls