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Region 9A

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Local 376 is an amalgamated local based in West Hartford, CT.

Local 259 Automobile Dealership Employees Hicksville, New York

Local 571 MDA-UAW Groton, Connecticut

Local 1508 Green Island, New York

Local 1981 National Writers Union New York, New York

Local 2110 A Union for Technical, Office & Professional Workers New York, New York

Local 2121 Foxwoods Norwich, Connecticut

Local 2179 New York, New York

Local 2320 National Organization of Legal Services Workers New York, New York

Local 2322 Amalgamated Union Holyoke, Massachusetts

Local 2324 Boston University Boston, Massachusetts

Local 2325 Association of Legal Aid Attorneys New York, New York

Local 2377 Stamford Municipal Employees Stamford, Connecticut

Local 3999 Bath Marine Draftsmen's Association Bath, Maine

Local 7902 ACT-UAW New York, New York

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