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Congressman Paul Tonko visits UAW Local 930

On Tuesday, May 29, 2012 Local 930, UAW Retiree Chapter held their monthly meeting with guest speaker Congressman Paul Tonko (NY).  Tony Giunta, Chairperson introduced him to the retirees and after a great speech by the Congressman he took questions. Tony asked him the following question "do you support the Rebuild America Act S.2252/H.R.57" and the Congressman said we have his full support on this bill.

UAW Local 930 member Herbert Hyde stated that "It was a pleasure having Congressman, Tonko address our recent Local 930 retirees meeting. He gave an impassioned speech addressing concerns of working class Americans and especially the plight of our unionized brothers and sisters. He focused with laser like precision on the issues facing the erosion of the middle class and the impact of the “Citizen’s United” decision on getting our message out; especially with the influx of hundreds of millions of dollars from wealthy individuals and corporations who want to drag this country back to the 1800’s.

He was very open to questions, and specifically addressed my concerns that we need to refine and simply our message in order to reach voters in a simple yet understandable way. The right wing in this country has been able to reduce their message to simple 30 second sound bites because they understand working people are too busy struggling to make ends meet and don’t have the time analyze every issue put before them."

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